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6 Kingfisher Mews , Stockport , Stockport SK6 6DA

0161 877 2000






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Speed Couriers in Stockport is located close to the M60 orbital motorway ensuring easy access to Manchester, Warrington, Liverpool the North West and UK.

Couriers in Stockport | Speed Couriers is located in the Stockport area of Stockport. There are at least 9 other listings in the SK6 postcode area.

Couriers in Stockport SK6

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Speed Couriers
Brilliant coverage of the Dakar, far better than Eurosport's. Go for it Lyndon.
1/9/2018 11:26:08 AM
Speed Couriers
Very sad to say one of our valued suppliers who became a good friend, Peter Hilton has passed away. RIP Peter. Sincere condolences to Lynn & Matthew.
11/8/2017 5:45:45 PM
Speed Couriers
WARNING, SCAM ALERT, please read and share. Sadly the internet has it's share of fraudsters and one of the current scams is as follows. Mr Thief sets up a fake facebook profile and befriends innocent people, usually ladies. After a while Mr Thief promises to send a very expensive gift to the victim elsewhere in the world. The potential victim is of course excited. Mr Thief has copied our website, though changing some of the details and using a derivative of the "Speed Couriers" name. He even sends a copy of a fake delivery note to make it appear more convincing. The innocent victim is then contacted by the fake courier company and asked to pay various fees, customs charges, import duty etc ranging from $200 up to $10,000. Yes up to $10,000. You may think thats incredibly high, however the valuble gift(s) form the facebook admirer is of course worth a lot more than that so the victim is prepared to pay substantial sums of money to receive the gift. However once paid, the gift never arrives and the victim searches the web for any links to any derivative of "Speed Couriers" only to find out they have been duped. Fortunately some of the potential victims are wary and contact us before they pay any of the charges and we inform them of the scam. This scam is more common than you think and we currently are being made aware of 5 attempts a week. Who knows how many more scams go through? Please share this post and be careful of anything that looks too good to be true. I'll also share some of the older scams that have been used.
10/25/2017 11:17:46 AM
Speed Couriers
BT are having major issues today in Manchester which is affecting our phones and we only have 1 line on each of our main numbers 0161 877 2000, 0161 848 8699, 0161 848 0999. Alternatively try 0161 877 6129 from 8am to 7pm. Please bear with us and either leave a message or we will call you back if your call isn't answered immediately. Sincere apologies and thanks for your patience.
10/10/2017 2:33:29 PM
Speed Couriers
It’s a common sight to see a furry companion sitting in the backseat of a car or even making the passenger seat their own. It is so common that we even see it on TV and in films. However, did you know that if a furry friend is not properly restrained in a vehicle then the owner could be at risk of receiving a substantial fine? [ 265 more words ]
9/26/2017 9:29:59 AM
Speed Couriers
It’s no surprise that distracted driving equates to a large percentage of car related deaths. There are much more distractions on our roads now than there were in the past. For example, drivers may now have to contend with devices such as mobile phones that have the potential to cause a major distraction. In this article, we will be discussing some of the worst offenders. [ 448 more words ]
9/22/2017 2:44:19 PM
Speed Couriers
Britain will begin testing a convoy of driverless lorries next years as leading car manufacturers hope to move towards autonomy. There are arguments for and against these trials and in today’s article we will be exploring points risen on both sides. Truck platooning is a technology which enables fleets of trucks to be driven by smart technology whilst mutually communicating with one another. [ 249 more words ]
9/19/2017 8:32:41 AM
Speed Couriers
As home deliveries become more and more popular, many of us are finding ourselves signing for our neighbour’s deliveries. However, could our seemingly harmless actions damage the recipient's chances of receiving compensation should the package have faults? Firstly, it is important to note that if you order something from a retailer then your agreement is with the retailer as opposed to any third party used during the delivery process. [ 258 more words ]
9/1/2017 11:42:05 AM
Speed Couriers
It may sound far-fetched but the possibility of solar powered roads could become the future of our roads. Not only would they produce energy to power cars, they could also provide power for road signs and street lighting. Power would be supplied directly throughout the daytime and batteries would be charged for overnight power. The first road powered by solar panels is currently being trailed in Normandy, France. [ 154 more words ]
8/18/2017 3:40:20 PM
Speed Couriers
Households across the UK have been warned to be wary of fraudulent missed delivery notices that could see victims scammed out of forty-five pounds. In a post shared more than 60,000 times on Facebook, the fake notice will list a number that the recipient must dial if they want to have their item “redelivered”. Luckily, this post seems to be spreading the word about this issue effectively but what other postal scams should you be wary of and how should you act if you suspect anything? [ 414 more words ]
8/11/2017 9:37:32 AM

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